Summer is the Season for Seniors Seeking Mobility and Independence

The Three Lifestyle Pillars for Seniors

The summer season is a heightened period of activity for senior adults all across the United States and as such, for the medical alarm industry!  As these elder adults “age in place” in later years, daily life can be defined by three simple, yet meaningful, lifestyle pillars: independence, mobility and peace-of-mind.  Seniors, just like their younger and middle-aged adult counterparts, need to be active and social, it’s the human condition that binds us together.  For many seniors, particularly those residing in seasonal and/or frigid areas of the country, summer is a time for breaking out of our wintry shell.  Mobility now becomes a main goal and a major concern.  How does one get around, with the least of effort and the maximum sense of safety?

Good News for Seniors Today

The good news for senior adults today is the availability of a wide assortment of personal medical alarm systems and devices coupled with senior living products known as durable medical equipment.  Used together or separately, these products allow seniors to no longer be confined to a single room, home or even a resident state.  One particular medical alert device, a relatively new technology to the medical alarm industry, combines an assortment of performance features to provide active seniors with those three pillars of life seniors aspire to: independence, mobility and peace-of-mind.

Medical Alarm You Can Take Anywhere at Anytime

The trade name of this product is called “GPS Mobile Care”.  First Response, through its’ consumer-based website First Response, offers this personal emergency response system to senior adults as an “all-in-one” medical alarm device.  Worn primarily as an adjustable necklace, the device acts as a dual panic alarm/help button transmitter and 2-way voice-activated speaker system.  This technology represents a major departure from the traditional land line-based home and property systems where a transmitter button works in tandem with a remote monitoring base station console.  The base station console contains a voice activated speaker for 2-way communication with a live, emergency operator.  This key feature alone allows the user unlimited freedom to leave the confines of the home and/or property; to literally go anywhere and still have the emergency monitoring and dispatch protection one seeks in a medical alarm device.

Fall Detection and Auto Alarm is a Permanent Feature

In the event of a sudden medical emergency or accident, seniors seek the security to know that, at the touch of a panic alert button, local emergency medical responders are on the way to their exact location.  All medical alarm systems perform this critical function. Yet, the GPS Mobile Care device contains an added feature called “Fall Detection & Auto Alarm” that can not only detect a fall but also transmits an automatic alarm alert to the provider’s national emergency monitoring center for local dispatch operator services, if needed.

Seniors Want “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS) Technology

As we have stated in previous articles, the prescribed level of technology and maintenance of any monitoring and alarm device for seniors must be kept simple and at a minimum, in that order.  The GPS Mobile Care system easily achieves this criteria.  The only daily maintenance required is to sustain a steady charge of the device (i.e. similar to a cell phone) by inserting it into a charging cradle.  By pressing and releasing the activity button during an emergency, the device records an instantaneous GPS tracking location whilst transmitting the alarm to the monitoring center through a combination of satellite and cellular nationwide communication networks.

A Senior Lifestyle That’s Affordable

Seniors ultimately deserve an active lifestyle that promotes good health, personal interaction through meaningful relationships, and a (daily) sense of purpose and contribution.  With recent advancements in medical alarm technology, products like the GPS Mobile Care device allows seniors to achieve their lifestyle goals with affordability built in.  Let the summer season begin!

About First Response

First Response is a national provider of affordable, reliable medical alarm systems and emergency monitoring services, medical equipment and senior living products, and fall prevention and home safety education programs serving America’s seniors and their families.  For more information and affordable system price plans offered, please visit or call toll-free Customer Services/Solutions Center at 866-930-1130 and/or (866) 686-9344.