Medical Alert Panic Button Keeps Seniors Safe At Home 24/7

How does a Panic Alert Button work with our medical alert system?

Medical Alert Necklace Panic Button - Nylon help button
A panic alert button is specifically designed as a medical alert alarm for Older Adults. The system’s senior help alert button is wireless so it can be worn around-the-clock. The system user simply presses the 100-percent waterproof mobile panic alert button, and the base console will connect our live Care Specialist (located in our Emergency Response Center) to the elderly medical alert user within seconds over the console 2-way speaker.

What are the best options to wear the Help Alert Button?

The medical alert system has a wireless help alert button that can be worn as a pendant or necklacebracelet or wristlet, or belt clip. The adjustable necklace is made from nylon, as is the wristlet. Both products are extremely comfortable and hardly noticeable except to the wearer. The belt clip is ideal for people who prefer to wear cell phones in this fashion.

How is the Medical Alert System activated?

Panic Button bracelet - wireless help button

The system user simply presses the senior emergency alert button either on the mobile device or on the base console. The emergency button for Older Adults and seniors, no matter where it is located, is very simple to find and push. Elderly users must push it for two seconds or at least until the red light turns on. Once the button has been pushed and the light is on, that means our live Care Specialist has been contacted and will be in touch with you via the base console speaker very shortly.

How can I tell if the Panic Alert Button is working the way it should?

panic button belt clip model You have at least a football field of distance of how far you can be from the main console. If you are in the house, out in the yard or at a close neighbor’s home, you can call for help using your wireless emergency panic alert button for Older Adults and the elderly. It is recommended to test out your signal range if possible, especially if you regularly plan to be out and about in your yard or around your neighborhood.


Features of the Elderly Help Alert Button

  • 100% Waterproof; bath and shower daily; fully submersible
  • Extended range signal- 300 to 600 feet (length of up to 2 football fields)
  • Wireless, portable and lightweight
  • Filled with lithium batteries that provide up to 5 years of life
  • Wear button as a comfortable necklace, pendant and wristlet
  • Simply press button to activate help alert signal during an emergency
  • Free repair and replacement lifetime warranty on all leased systems