Senior Emergency Alert & Help Button

emergency button for seniors

The First Response Medical Alert Bracelet

Your First Response System medical alert bracelet (or wristlet) is the most expedient and reliable way for independent older adults (and individuals with chronic medical conditions) to notify their local 911 Emergency Services responders that immediate emergency medical assistance is needed.

Elderly Panic Button offers help at “The Touch of a Button”

Getting any kind of local emergency assistance quickly, especially when a home or cell phone is out of reach and you are alone, is critical during the onset of a life-threatening medical emergency.  Every single minute counts!

Our First Response senior emergency button is also known as a help alert device that when pressed can immediately connect to a 24/7 First Response certified EMS Operator to dispatch local emergency medical services right to your exact location and residence, if needed. It is a panic button that offers peace of mind for both the decision maker and an elder adult.

Key Features of Our First Response Medical Alert Bracelet

One of the key benefits in using our wireless, portable emergency button and bracelet is knowing that local emergency medical help will be contacted, dispatched and sent to your exact location more quickly than by contacting them yourself on a home phone line or cell phone.  Here are some key button device features to consider:

  • senior emergency alert buttonBracelet is comfortable, adjustable, lightweight and attractive.
  • Press and release button technology; simple to activate for seniors
  • Use indoors and outdoors; 100 to 300 yard extended range signal to base console.
  • 100% waterproof; wear it while showering, bathing and swimming.
  • Recessed help button in jewel case to mitigate/reduce false alarms.
  • No batteries needed nor to change; maintenance-free.

Easy to Use – How Your Medical Alarm Bracelet Works Quickly

Wear the comfortable bracelet at all times, or opt for our medical emergency necklace.  At the onset of a medical emergency, simply “press and release” your senior alarm button located on your wrist.  THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO.  Now let First Response System take control of the alarm event within a matter of minutes:

  • Medical alarm bracelet sends a wireless signal to the monitoring base console.
  • Monitoring base console re-transmits the alarm signal through a home landline or nationwide cellular wireless network to be connected to our First Response National Emergency Monitoring Center. (Note: our GPS all-in-one mobile medical alarm button device doesn’t need a console).
  • Our First Response live, certified EMS Operator will communicate with the user via the base console 2-way voice activated speaker.
  • Local 911 emergency medical services, fire or police responders can be dispatched to the user location within minutes, if needed.

Protocols initiated by First Response can be activated to dispatch local emergency services automatically (i.e. if no response by user) and/or the Friends & Family Contact List can be notified.

Comfort and Security at the Onset of an Unexpected Accident or Emergency

One of the key advantages of wearing our elderly panic button as a bracelet is the alarm device is always in plain view and never moves or changes location on the body. This may sound obvious.  But for seniors and elderly adults who experience a sudden accident or medical distress alone, knowing that your alarm button is always and easily accessible on your wrist to activate, dramatically reduces the stress and confusion older adults can experience at the onset of an accident or medical event.

Independence, Mobility and Peace-Of-Mind

Maintain your independence and go about your daily life with security that help is responding.” to “Maintain your independence and go about your daily life with the secure feeling that, at the press of your First Response bracelet or medical emergency necklace, emergency help is only minutes away.


“I am very uneasy and have had many falls after my surgery. Ordering the First Response system was easy and I even set it up myself. I have had to use my alert button a few times so far. My daughter has even been contacted after I had taken a few falls. My First Response system has worked great each time I’ve needed it!”

Maria V. (valued client since 2009)