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First Alert & Medical Alert Devices

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Our First Responder medical alarm system is easy-to-use, maintenance-free and simple to set up.

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Simply plug the base station console into the wall phone jack, connect the AC power cord into an electrical outlet; turn the console power switch to the “ON” position and you’re ready to go “plug and play” all in a matter of a few minutes!

Panic Alert Button
• Waterproof panic alert button can be worn 24/7 in the shower bath, kitchen sink or swimming.
• Wear your lightweight panic alert button as an adjustable necklace or bracelet.
• Simple press the button to call for help; no sudden false alarms to worry about.
• Wireless, extended-range signal so the user may communicate with our First Response Live EMS Operator anywhere in the house – even outdoors.

Base Station Console
• A built-in Back-up Battery keeps the system activated even during extended power outages; re-charges itself once power is back on.
• Automatic Weekly Silent Test of your system by First Response when you sleep.
• Sensitive 2-way speaker that can be heard from anywhere in the home.

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Our First Responder medical alarm system is supported by the industry’s best-rated UL-Listed 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center.

• 100% nationwide emergency monitoring signal coverage in all 50 states.
• Live, certified EMS Care Operators that specialize in local 911 emergency medical response and dispatch services.
• Two live, certified EMS Care Operators supervise each medical alert emergency call; bi-lingual operators available upon user request.
• Friends & Family Contact Notification with every emergency alarm call/dispatch.

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A First Response medical alert system offers seniors and their family member care givers independence and peace-of-mind for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our affordable, reliable First Response medical alarm systems are available for as low as $24/95 per month. We offer several Price Plan Options to fit any budget:
• NO deposit; NO hidden fees
• NO long-term contract; Price Plan Options for every budget.
• CANCEL service at any time; NO fees or penalties.
• NO activation or cancellation fees
• FREE Shipping; FREE Month of Service / Lock Box.

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A simple push of your panel alert button sends help to your door – fast.

Arlene H. (Connecticut) – 2/24/2014
“I have fallen several times and have pressed my panic alert button bracelet each and every time. My local 911 EMS responders were at my door within minutes. Thank You!”

Exceptional member/client customer service 24/7.

Carol C. (New Jersey) – 2/17/2014
“Wonderful experience due to Greg and Scott. Follow-up was crucial and they were patient and excellent!”

Maintain independence, mobility and gain piece-of-mind.

Carol S. (North Carolina) – 1/1/2014
“Mom is very pleased!”

24/7 emergency monitoring and dispatch protection when family can’t be there.

Tammy G. (Georgia) – 12/13/2013
“We never had to use the button yet, but are all relieved to know it was there for my Grandmother if she needed it when we could not be there.”

Best Emergency First Alert Response Systems For Seniors

Why Choose First Response – 4 Lifesaving Benefits for Seniors

#1: Independence, Mobility & Peace of Mind

First Response medical alert systems ensure that seniors can maintain their independence and mobility while gaining peace-of-mind as they go about their daily lives. Family members also feel secure knowing their loved ones are protected 24/7 by our first alert medical systems for any unexpected fall accident or medical emergency; especially when they can’t be there.

#2: Affordable at Under $1 per Day

We understand the first alert medical system needs of a senior who lives on a limited income and budget. First Response provides a selection of affordable price plan options that feature:

  • No long term service contracts or commitments
  • Cancellation of service at any time with no penalties
  • Price lock guarantee for the lifetime of service
  • NO system activation, enrollment or other hidden fees
#3: Choose the Right System to Meet Your Specific Needs

First Response offers a select product line of superior-quality first alert medical systems and 24/7 emergency monitoring services:

  • Land line system for the home and property
  • Cell dialer system for the home and property
  • Mobile, cellular GPS alert system for mobility/travel anywhere in the USA
#4: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – It’s Our Policy

Our 24/7 customer service team is the best in the industry- just ask our valued clients. We back our senior medical alert system products and first alert emergency services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Best Medical Alert System & Alarms For Seniors


Our personal alarms for seniors include:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring support
  • Easy communication with an emergency responder
  • First alert emergency responder dispatch service in every state
  • Service in every state
  • No long term obligations
  • A panic alarm system that is waterproof
  • A full warranty for the life of the products
  • A discount for AARP and AAA members
  • Monitoring station for your medical alert device

“I have been using the First Response medical alert system for over a year now. I just recently needed to use it after I fell getting out of my bath tub. I wear the button around my neck in case of an accident.”
-Todd J

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