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Senior Lifestyle Products and Medical Devices at Affordable Prices

Our Product Store is committed to providing seniors and their families with superior quality products that help our loved ones lead more independent, mobile and secure lives.  Each lifestyle product and medical device has been carefully selected for its durability, reliability, functionality and style.  Peace-of-mind for our seniors should be affordable and all products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please click on the image box of a particular product of interest for more details and to order.

Bathroom Safety


Price: $17.95. Provides support to enter and leave a bath tub or shower. Features suction cup indicator for safety. Read more.


Price: $69.95. Folds and unfolds in seconds; bucket, lid and splash guard included. Read more.


Price: $62.95. Heavy-duty molded design with removable back; non-corrosive aluminum legs and slip-resistant rubber tips. Read more.


Price: $41.95. Designed for small showers and narrow tubs; non-corrosive aluminum legs and slip-resistant rubber tips. Read more.


Price: $39.95. Features 5 Settings: Regular/ Shower Spray/ Massage/ Water Drip/ Stop; On/Off valve for safe water flow . Read more.


Price: $15.95. Bath mat attaches securely to tub’s surface to prevent slipping; anti-fungal treated. Textured. Read more.

Go! Mobility


Price: $29.95. Streamline design that offers low center of gravity for greater stability and balance. Read more.


Price: $139.95. Dual height adjustments for a custom fit. Features locking hand brakes and four 6” wheels. Read more.

zoom-24-rolling-walker (1)

Price: $198.95. Height adjustment knobs for a custom fit. Patented feather touch locking hand brakes and four 8” wheels. Read more.


Price: $188.95. Height adjustment knobs for a custom fit. Patented feather touch locking hand brakes and four 8” wheels. Read more.

Comfort & Support


Price: $30.95. Conforms to the body contours to provide comfort support when sitting for long periods of time. Fleece cover for comfort. Read more


Price: $52.95. Improves upper and lower body circulation and is ideal for reading or watching TV. Folds for easy storage or transport. Read More


Price: $39.95. Coccyx cutout reduces pressure on the tailbone and spine. Anatomic design maintains correct posture and stability. Read more.


Price: $24.95. Temperature-sensitive memory foam molds to body contours. Customized comfort for lower back; reduces lower back pain. Read more.

Home Safety Lighting


Price: $8.99. Automatic on/off mode; no manual switch. Operates “On” mode at dusk and “Off” mode at dawn. Read more.


Price: $14.99. Light is always on. Operates 24 hours a day; seven days a week. Perfect for dark rooms, shades and cloudy days. Read more.


Price: $13.99. Extra brightness and contrast. Turns on when motion is detected. Stays on for 5 minutes.20-ft. light beam range. Read more.

Daily Life Aids


Price: $11.95. For individuals who have difficulty getting out of bed. Durable molded plastic construction for functional design. Read more.


Price: $8.95. Custom made for bedside or vehicular use. Secure seal during use. Grip handle for many positions for bedridden patients. Read more.


Price: $54.95. Aids in recovery from hip, back or knee surgeries. Kit includes dressing stick, shoe horn, sock aid, bath sponge w/handle and more. Read more.


Price: $5.95 (pair). High-quality absorbent knit provides warmth and comfort. Slip-resistant tread bottom design helps prevent falls. Read more.


Price: $16.95. Convenient ON/OFF control clip; fits standard toilets. Relieves discomfort of hemorrhoids, bladder and prostate infections. Read more.



Price: $19.95. Flashlight adds extra light for safety in dark places and attaches to most walkers, transports and wheelchairs.


Price: $29.95. Fits on to any bar, backrest or handle. The perfect accessory bag for a walker, wheelchair and transport chair.


Price: $19.95. Attaches easily to a walker, wheelchair, bed rail and transport chair. Adjusts to hold different sized items.


Price: $19.95. Holder attaches to any walker to provide a secure home for your cane. Only fits canes with a 7/8” diameter.


“I am very uneasy and have had many falls after my surgery. Ordering the First Response system was easy and I even set it up myself. I have had to use my alert button a few times so far. My daughter has even been contacted after I had taken a few falls. My First Response system has worked great each time I’ve needed it!”

Maria V. (valued client since 2009)