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New for 2015/2016 – Medical Alert System PLUS+

 First Response Introduces Our Best Medical Alert System Yet for 2015

First Response has always prided itself by offering independent senior adults and individuals with chronic medical conditions with the most reliable, affordable and latest-generation emergency medical alarm systems and devices.  Just last year, we introduced our GPS Mobile Care “all-in-one” device that has truly emerged as a “game-changer” for active seniors on the go- at home or for travel.  Now, we are extremely excited to announce the arrival of our Medical Alert System PLUS+ by First Response.  Is it a “game-changer” like our GPS Mobile Care device?  Well, not really.  Let me explain!

The majority of independent seniors still prefer and select our traditional “land line” system (connected to a phone line) or the alternative ” cell dialer” system (no phone line is needed) for the home and property.  Dollar for dollar, the value of these systems cannot be surpassed.  So here’s the exciting news….this latest generation system is loaded with improved features and capabilities we have all been waiting a long time for.

Medical Alert System PLUS+

Improved features and new capabilities include:

  • Extended range signal coverage up to 900 feet (300 yards) from panic alert button to console;
  • Enhanced alert signal strength indoors and outdoors;
  • Can accommodate up to fifteen (15) panic alert buttons;
  • Can connect up to five (5) wireless, remote 2-way voice activated speaker stations;
  • Updated prerecorded prompts that inform user ongoing status of alarm call to First Response;
  • Improved 2-way voice activated speaker voice and volume clarity;
  • Cell dialer plug-in module if no phone line access;
  • Easy access to power on/off switch and terminal connections and easier installation;
  • Console buttons light up for easy access;
  • Streamlined, modern design.

As always, with any First Response medical alert system, you receive reliable, 24/7 emergency monitoring live operator services from our National Emergency Response & Dispatch Center supported by our exemplary customer/client service department.  Customized response, dispatch and family notification protocols can also be created at your request.

Client benefits also include: free installation and tutorial over the phone; 100% products warranty for the lifetime of the service; price-lock guarantee during use of the same system; lease and/or purchase price plan options and payment methods; two (2) household users for the same price plan; personal medical data form for ems, friends and family contact notification list; customized response and notification protocols; and more.  Call us at (866) 930-1130 for more detailed information and special seasonal discount offers and promotion opportunities.  We’re always here to help!

About First Response

First Response is a national provider of affordable, reliable medical alarm systems and emergency monitoring services, medical equipment and senior living products, and fall prevention and home safety education programs serving America’s seniors and their families, businesses and non-profit organizations.




Emergency Medical Alarm System for the Fitness & Sports Club Industry

 A Ground-Breaking Personal Emergency System for Fitness and Sport Club Operators

As a recurring visitor to our medical alert system online blog series at First Response, you recognize our company as America’s leading authority and nationwide provider of emergency medical alarm systems for independent seniors and individuals with chronic medical conditions or disabilities.  First Response has recently announced the introduction of a ground-breaking medical alert system designed specifically for the sports, health and fitness club communities throughout the United States. By offering such a system to sports club operators nationwide, First Response in partnership with club management is sending a clear message that safety protection for its’ members is the ultimate club priority.

 Member Safety is the Number One Priority with Club Operators

With the continued vertical growth of franchised sports, health and fitness clubs throughout the United States and the world, First Response has created a personal emergency and medical alarm system that effectively monitors athletes and health-conscious individuals while they actively train  and work-out within an expansive club-type environment. This serves as the best medical alarm system available today for club members that responds with local emergency assistance to an unexpected accident or physical injury at a moment’s notice.

Emergency Monitoring and Alarm Coverage Anywhere in a Club

As these sports and fitness clubs serve as a hub for a variety of sports activities, workout regimens and exercise classes for both individuals and groups, monitoring these participants for sudden emergency events and medical accidents as a result of their intensive physical activity is critical and can be ultimately life-saving. For effective emergency monitoring and response, the medical alarm system and its’ related devices can be worn by an individual and are also positioned strategically throughout a club facility, particularly in high-traffic and isolated work-out areas.

 Immediate Emergency Medical Response and Dispatch at the Touch of a Button

In the event of such an emergency or accident, a club member simply presses their personal panic alert button, worn as a medical alert necklace or bracelet, where the user can then communicate with a First Response certified, live operator over a 2-way, voice activated speaker within their workout area or room. If needed, local emergency assistance responders can be dispatched (usually within minutes) to the club location. For added assurance, First Response also notifies club management of these alarm events amongst other client protocols and communications.

Wireless Alarm Technology Provides Wall to Wall Member Coverage

Wireless technology has transformed the medical alarm industry where monitoring systems and personal alert devices now exist for clubs and their active members to enjoy exercise and workouts within a secure and safe environment during any hour of the day or night, and to do so with a tremendous sense of personal independence and peace-of-mind. Safety should always be top priority for club management and members alike.

 Emergency Medical Alarm Services as a Free VIP Member Amenity

Club operators have adopted to the emergency monitoring and response system concept vigorously and with high enthusiasm early on. The features and benefits to the club operator and its’ management team are directly attributable to providing a unique VIP-type membership amenity (offered on a complimentary basis) that serves to monitor and protect its valued member clientele in the event of a sudden personal emergency, physical injury or medical accident within the confines of the club where immediate medical response on a 24/7 basis, is needed.

 Affordable-Priced Systems for Club Chains, Franchises and Stand-Alone Operators

First Response and its’ nationally-recognized brand First Response, has announced the company is making these medical alarm systems, specifically designed for the sports, health and fitness club industry, as affordable-priced system packages available either for purchase and/or as a lease price plan option. Interested parties are invited to visit the company’s web site at or by calling First Response Client Services USA at (866) 686-9344 toll-free, operating seven days a week.

About First Response

First Response is a national provider of affordable, reliable medical alarm systems and emergency monitoring services, medical equipment and senior living products, and fall prevention and home safety education programs serving America’s seniors and their families.  For more information and affordable system price plans offered, please visit or call toll-free Customer Services/Solutions Center at (866) 930-1130 and (866) 686-9344.