First Response – Protecting America’s Seniors

About First Response System
First Response is recognized as America’s leading provider of personal emergency medical alarm systems and 24/7 emergency monitoring services, medical lifestyle products and home safety/fall prevention education for seniors, elderly adults and their family member caregivers.
First Response strives to help America’s seniors and their family member caregivers maintain their independence, mobility and peace-of-mind by offering superior emergency medical alarm system products and 24/7 elderly monitoring services at truly affordable pricing while supported by exceptional, solution-based customer service and fall prevention/home safety education resources.
Our Company Culture – We’re Family Member Caregivers Too
Uniquely, all First Response team members are family member caregivers to their elderly loved ones. We share with our valued clients, the awesome day-to-day challenges of taking care of an older parent living alone, whether near or far. We bring these real-life experiences into our organization to help us better understand and serve our customers by providing the highest-quality medical alert system products, monitoring services and solution-based client services.
Our Company Mission Is Our Only Focus – Keep Seniors Independent and Secure
The common aspiration of all seniors and elderly adults is to keep their independence, mobility and personal safety as they continue to “age-in-place”. First Response is dedicated to helping seniors maintain this active lifestyle for as long as possible.
To achieve this goal, all senior medical alert systems are designed by First Response to be:
1.  Easy to set-up and activate (plug and play)
2.  Maintenance-free
3.  Reliable
4.  Very affordable for all budget-minded seniors
Land line, cell dialer and mobile cellular GPS systems are available for home and travel with state-of-the-art emergency monitoring and dispatch applications.
How Does A System Work – Press Your Button and Receive Immediate Help
When experiencing a potential life-threatening medical emergency or fall accident at home or while traveling, an elder adult simply presses their panic alert button (worn as a necklace or bracelet) to transmit a wireless signal to our First Response Emergency Monitoring Center.
Our live, certified EMS Operator will contact (usually within seconds) the elderly user or a designated family member to determine whether local 911 emergency responder services should be immediately dispatched directly to the elder user’s exact location.
Critical Life-Saving Features Are Standard With Each System
First Response System offers seniors and their families superior value by providing waterproof panic alert buttons, necklace and bracelet options, extended-range signal of 300 to 600 feet from button to monitoring base console (home systems only), indoor and outdoor use, extra back-up battery operation during power outages (up to 36 hours), and a weekly “silent test” of the user’s system by First Response to ensure optimal operation.
Affordability With No Long Term Contracts or Hidden Fees
To all of our valued member clients, First Response offers affordable rental price plan options, no long-term contracts or commitments, no activation or cancellation fees of any kind, full warranty equipment replacement, and locked-in rate pricing for the lifetime of the service.
First Response is committed to providing America’s seniors, elderly adults and their family member caregivers with the quality-driven senior medical alarm systems and 24/7 emergency monitoring services, medical lifestyle products, fall prevention/home safety educational content- all of which is supported by our personalized, solution-based, live customer service.
Contact Us 24/7
We encourage all independent seniors and their family member caregivers to contact First Response to discuss in more detail, our unique selection of at-home land line, cellular and mobile GPS medical alarm systems, devices and related emergency monitoring services.  Please call our Customer Service Center at (866) 930-1130 toll-free; or by visiting our web site at