How Do First Response Home Medical Alert Systems Work?

1.Push the button 2.Connect to our monitoring center 3.Talk with our care specialist4.Get the assistance you need

First Response Medical Alert System - #1 Best Value for Older Adults

  • Extended range help alert button has an alert signal range of 300 to 600 feet (up to the length of 2 football fields).
  • Base console has a built-in, enhanced-volume 2-way speaker that can also be used to receive regular incoming phone calls.
  • Base console will continue to operate during power outages, with up to 36 hours of battery back-up power and then re-charges.
  • First Response performs a weekly "silent test" of your system to ensure continuous operation and reliability.
  • System repair and replacement warranty coverage is included with all lease price plans.
  • System user account set-up includes User Profile, Emergency Medical Form, Friends & Family Contact List and Special Requests.

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