Elderly Emergency Alert System & Panic Button

elderly panic buttonHow Our Monitoring Service Can Save Your Life

First Response System and the personal medical alert systems we provide to our valued elderly clients offer the latest in equipment technology, design, and functionality.  Equally as important to our “value package” are the 24/7 emergency monitoring and dispatch system and services that augment our medical alert equipment, panic button devices and accessories.  We call this service the “system back end” and it represents a key component of our overall First Response elderly medical alert system package.

Unfortunately, you cannot see or touch this key feature of our system when you eagerly open our delivery package to preview your new system as it arrives at your door!  But that is okay.  After you set-up your new system in a matter of minutes, you will have an opportunity to “test” your alert help button by simply pressing it and waiting momentarily for our live Care Specialist to introduce themselves over the base console’s 2-way enhanced speaker.  Many clients have told us afterwards this initial panic button “test” experience was pleasant, simple and very comforting.

Now that we’ve given you a little preview, here’s how it all works and why our emergency monitoring and dispatch service is so critical to your safety and well-being:

Your 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center


Our Rapid Response emergency monitoring center is operated by a certified, specially-trained team of live Care Specialists, Data Entry Specialists and Information Technology Specialists that comprise the LifeSafety Monitoring division.  The operations center consists of a vast network of computer hardware and systems software, redundant back-up systems and storage facilities (in the event of inclement weather, power outages and other forces) that ensure continuing, uninterrupted monitoring and dispatch services to our elderly medical alert clients throughout the country.

Our Team of Emergency Live Care Specialists

Our live Care Specialists are ‘best rated’ in the personal emergency medical alert industry.  Each Care Specialist has been selected by management and is trained to be professional, yet personable to respond with grace, sensitivity and patience to an Older Adult population at-risk that deals with the daily challenges of aging, increasing chronic medical conditions and the trauma of medical emergency.

  • Security Industry Association (SIA) certified
  • Emergency Medical Training (EMT) certified
  • Two-way monitoring, communication and dispatch protocols
  • Quickly assess unfolding emergencies and situations with users
  • Implement action protocols with local 911 emergency responders, friends and family contacts
  • High level communication and people skills
  • Implement post emergency call follow-up/report protocols with First Response
  • On-duty, bi-lingual (spanish speaking) Care Specialists

What Happens When You Press The Help Alert Buttonspanish-speaking-emergency-medical-operator-jpeg.jpg

When an Older Adult unexpectedly suffers a fall, feels dizzy, has a stroke or experiences some type of medical emergency, being home alone and isolated can turn this into a critical and life threatening situation.  Our First Response clients know to press their elderly help alert button and within seconds a dedicated Care Specialist from our 24/7 EmergencyMonitoringCenter is on the 2-way speaker assisting our system client.  Here’s how the process works to get help fast:

  • During a medical emergency or accident, our client simply presses the help alert button
  • The extended range, wireless button sends a signal to the base console (up to 600 feet signal range; indoors/outdoors)
  • The base console confirms receipt of the help alert signal from the panic button and transmits the signal to the Emergency Monitoring Center
  • Our live Care Specialist makes contact with the system user and assesses the level of the emergency situation
  • If needed, the Care Specialist dispatches local 911 emergency responders to the user’s residence and then contacts friends and family

In critical elderly medical emergencies, 2 dedicated live Care Specialists are activated during your call to: 1) Dispatch local emergency responders to your home and notify designated friends and family contacts; 2) Stay on the line with the client to continuously monitor the situation until help arrives.

Reliable, Professional & Always There – To Save A Life

Our dedicated Live Care Specialist has immediate private access to your confidential Emergency Care Plan and to your Personalized Profile (i.e. friend and family contact notification list, medical history, etc.).   Your Personal Emergency Medical Form from First Response is with you on the refrigerator door to assist 911 Emergency Responders provide more effective treatment.

Please don’t hesitate to call us Toll-Free at 866-930-1130 if you have any questions or concerns.  First Response system.com specializes in personal emergency alert systems, panic button devices and medical monitoring services for individuals of all ages and medical conditions.  We’re always available to assist you and your family to maintain the independence, mobility and peace-of-mind you deserve.